Residential Services

Bring good vibes to the home with relaxing plants

& colorful flowers!

Monthly Flower Delivery

(Or every other, etc)

Does your home need a fresh look on a monthly basis (or every other month, etc.)? We construct a thoughtful arrangement out of seasonal premium blooms based on your color palette and other preferences.


This package gives you an eye-opening centerpiece to display in your kitchen, living room, or even master bathroom. You choose the delivery date! 


Pay by month or all upfront for your package. Package pricing starts at $50 per month and up to your desired amount. 


Explore the photo gallery below to view some our creative work and "What We Do." 

Exterior Garden Design

Light up the exterior of your home with outdoor planters for your front entryway, backyard patio, and garage doors. We customize each planter with the client in mind and utilize rich textures, colors, and styles that collaborate with the design of your home.


We don't only design for the summer! View our gallery to see how we can bring your planters to live during the spring/summer, fall, AND winter months! Please call up our studio to set up a free consultation.

*PS going out of town in the summer? Let us know and we can water your planters free of charge!

Interior Design & Home Decor

We love interior design and have a staff with a great eye!  If you are looking to update a space, big or small, we can help make your vision come to fruition.

If you're not sure what you would like, we would be happy to take a look at your space and make a recommendation.


Please call our studio at (815) 469-6063 to set up a free consultation!

Private Parties

Are you hosting a private event at your home? Whether it is an intimate gathering or a big party bash, add fresh blooms to the dinner table, foyer, living room, and bathrooms to set the tone.

We can assist you in the many different aspects of planning such as table design, linens, and other little details. 

Please call our studio at (815) 469-6063 to set up a free consultation! 

Please view our gallery below to see some of the previous events we have participated in and designed for!

Holiday Services

Make your holiday season special by transforming your home into a festive wonderland!


We design for all holidays that are celebrated throughout all seasons. Let us bring the spirit of the season and transform it into a stylish reality.

See pictures of some of our holiday work in the gallery below!

Home Staging & Remodeling

Are you moving to a new location and selling your home?


We are able to stage bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. with fresh blooms, furniture, and other home decor necessities.


This way you are able to focus on your move without worrying about presenting a home environment for potential buyers.

Neighborhood Entry Signs

Homeowners invest many hours into making their home charming, and we believe neighborhood entry signs should be captivating and welcoming as well. 

Contact your local HOA and ask for BōKAY Flowers to style your entry signs and street signs for the upcoming season! Set the tone and establish a lasting impression with lovely subdivision entryways.