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Bokay Flowers Florist in Frankfort, IL. An established florist group offering seasonal, high-grade floral arrangements. We have flower subscriptions, outdoor planter garden designs, event centerpieces, and other professional floral services. Find BoKAY Flowers pre-made arrangements in our floral cooler inside 1N Décor in Downtown Frankfort.

About Our Floral Company

Over 10 years ago, local resident Cindy Morgan started BōKAY Flowers at its location on Kansas St. in Downtown Frankfort where she built out a unique brand focusing on upscale floral designs and professional services such as floral subscriptionsoutdoor container designs, and private event florals. After a few years BōKAY was able to expand into the other half of its building (towards Nebraska/Hickory St.) and bring about a line of home décor, in addition to the floral business.

During 2020 there came an opportunity for Cindy to split the home décor line into a stand-alone business. She established 1N Décor (after its address of 1 N. White St. in Downtown Frankfort), keeping the upscale image where you can find timeless, keepsake pieces. This also presented the opportunity to bring along and introduce her trusted brand BōKAY Flowers at this new location - with a floral cooler inside with premade arrangements by the BōKAY brand.

As a result, this opened the previous home décor area off Nebraska St., where she always loved it set up for private events. She created the brand Studio C and redesigned it into the perfect space to host baby & bridal showers, anniversary & birthday parties, plus other private gatherings for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Where You Can Find & Contact Us!

Walk into 1N Décor or call (779) 900-8081 to talk more about how we can assist you with your floral needs! Feel free to leave a message or reach out to us via email at

Follow us on Facebook @bokayflowersflorist & Instagram @bokayflowers!

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