BōKAY Flowers & 1N Décor

For an Easy "Grab & Go" Experience

Premade Floral Arrangements for Pick Up at 1N Décor in Downtown Frankfort

While supplies last! Give a call at 779-900-8081 or visit 1 N. White St. Frankfort IL for an inventory check.

Our floral group has a long history of providing unique designs that have wowed our clients & are back with premade arrangements through a new location! Inside 1N Décor is a BōKAY cooler filled with bloom arrangements at various price points but are subject to our flower supplies, and at the moment no delivery.


If you need a custom arrangment for a special occassion, please email us 3-4 days in advance with your order "info@bokayflowers.com" or call 1N Décor during business hours. For pick-up at the store on 1 N. White Street in Downtown Frankfort ($50 minimum). Thank you so much!


We are here if you are looking for flowers that are a "statement" piece for your occasion. Make it memorable!


Go the extra mile & make it a bundle!
Add a Nest candle, diffuser, orchid, or house plant with your flowers.

About Our Sister Store - 1N Décor

"1N Décor is the go-to destination for plush, timeless indoor and outdoor home decor. We specialize in accents, planters, seasonal goods, fresh florals, special gifts & more. Led by long-term Frankfort resident Cindy Morgan, her cultivated assortment is both sophisticated and contemporary. 

The process of selecting inventory for our shop takes patience. We seek enthralling characteristics such as weight, detail, the story behind it, and so on. It’s always personal - we envision our pieces on display in someone’s home, who walks past it after two years thinking, “Wow, I still love that.”"

"I would put everything I buy for 1N in my own home." - Cindy Morgan, Owner

Shop their store online at: 1ndecor.com

1 N. White St. Frankfort, IL

(779) 900 - 8081